City of Leon on it’s way to master QGIS

Blog: Part 1/2 30 city officers from the municipality of León (México) carried through a QGIS-training to level-up their geospatial knowledge across sectors, within the different municipality departments. As any city, León needs to resolve geospatial challenges that it’s almost

QGIS courses and training

Gispo has provided QGIS training for a wide variety of Finnish organisations, both governmental and private-sector. Among those have been organisations like City of Helsinki, City of Tampere, Finnish Environment Institute, and Geological Survey of Finland – to name a

Fixing the Master Plan Data Model

Tampere began improving the master plan data model as a KIRA-digi trial project in November 2017. The project was chosen as one of the best projects of the funding round and advances the Finnish goverment’s key project to advance the

Locating the Glide Paths of Flying Squirrels

In 2015, Gispo produced an analysis of potential flying squirrel glide paths for the City of Espoo. The analysis was based on laser scanned data and the results were visualised as maps, which may be used to support city planning

QGIS training in Tampere

For a long time, the City of Tampere has paved the way towards using open source geospatial software in Finland. This development has been supported by the city’s geospatial data strategy and active contributions in various open source projects. Recently,

Espoo infrastructure asset management

Cities have roads, parks, playgrounds and other infrastructure assets that are maintained, renewed and built on demand. Cities use a geographic information system for various tasks, including analysing the needs of the residents, creating reports and organising maintenance. Data models

Turku Future Hackathon

The City of Turku offered an opportunity to conceptualise and implement applications that benefit the people and organizations of the Turku campus and science park. 16 teams and tens of people accepted the challenge and participated in the competition with

Advancing zoning digitalization in Helsinki

The city of Helsinki received KIRA-digi funding for the advancement of digitalization in zoning. The “Asemakaavat yhteisenä tietovarantona” (City plans as a common resource) project aims to improve data management in city planning through the use of open interfaces. Helsinki

Youth Citizen Engagement: Fixing School Routes

Mapillary has kindly provided a use case study about our training last spring in Pansio, Turku. As part of the Good Everyday Environment project, the students of Pansio Primary School used Mapillary to capture their school routes so that the

Crowdsourcing with Mapillary – How students of Pansio primary school used open data to create information for decision-making

As part of the Good Everyday Environment (Hyvä Arkiympäristö)-project, Gispo Oy was involved in hosting a Mapillary workshop for Pansio primary school. Gispo provided Mapillary training for the teachers of the school and suggested other uses for Mapillary, such as