We at Gispo are experts in geographical information systems (GIS). Our GIS artisans are ready to help you to find your way through the confusing coordinates and baffling bytes. We help you to choose the best open source GIS tools for your needs. We understand the value of good raw material and thus can squeeze the best juices from all sorts of geospatial datasets.

Geographical information systems

At our GIS artisan workshop we define the processes and demands for your geographical information system. Based on this we design just the right unique architecture for your own GIS and the steps towards it. Whether your need is small or big, we can guide you to the world of open source GIS.


Our GIS artisans shine in the art of manufacturing information from data. We can conjure magnificent map visualizations, refine route optimization and create curated open datasets. We can boost the datasets by combining them and thus create something completely new. Bringing data to a map provides more information about our environment, and sustainability is a strong value to our GIS artisans at Gispo.

Open data

Open data is one of the key raw materials we use. We also help our customers to open their geospatial datasets and refine them into new intriguing information. One of the most important datasets for us is OpenStreetMap, a beatiful crowd-sourced global map dataset.

Database modelling

We create database models to bring the data into a more solid and understandable form. This way the data can be used easily by different software. Database modelling is crucial when you have complex data and unique needs.


Sanna Jokela


Contact Sanna when you want more from your GIS tools or datasets. You can also schedule a meeting with Sanna.

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