We offer elementary and special courses which mainly revolve around the most popular FOSS4G: QGIS, PostGIS and GeoServer. Elementary courses give you the basic skills and knowledge about the course subject, where as special courses will deepen your knowledge in some specific topic. With us you and your organization will become GIS wizards!

Our elementary courses

  • Introduction to GIS and QGIS
  • Introduction to QGIS
  • Introduction to PostGIS
  • Introduction to GeoServer

Our special courses

  • Advanced QGIS
  • Visualization with QGIS
  • Planning, editing and administering data with QGIS
  • PyQGIS-programming
  • Advanced spatial analytics with PostGIS
  • Advanced GeoServer
  • Oskari-workshop

If we were able to spark your interest in our courses, please contact us at We can also partly/fully customize a GIS course just for your needs!

Your journey to a GIS wizard starts here!