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QGIS is a free open source Geographical Information System (GIS) software for viewing, editing and analyzing of geospatial data and composing and exporting graphical maps. It runs on Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, and Windows.

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Currently, we offer e.g. these QGIS courses via our GispoLearning online platform:


Are you responsible for distributing or managing geospatial information in your organization? Are you looking for a cost-efficient solution to serve geospatial data?

GeoServer is an open source geospatial data server developed for analysis, visualization and publishing of geospatial data. It can be used to share data internally or with clients. With continuous development since 2001, GeoServer is used worldwide by organizations of all sizes. GeoServer training is best suited for geospatial data professionals, software developers, and IT service maintenance personnel.

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Do you need to manage and analyze large sets of spatial data? Are you looking for a scalable, high performance spatial database? Look no further than PostGIS, the market-leading geospatial database that lets you manage and analyze spatial data efficiently using hundreds of spatial data functions.

PostGIS is an open source spatial database extender for PosgreSQL object-relational database. With PostGIS it is possible to save, analyze and edit geographical information data efficiently with hundreds of geographical information functions. You can process large datasets and this way optimize your organisation’s solutions. PostGIS database can also be managed via QGIS.

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