No one is born a GIS master and we all need help sometimes. Bring your broken QGIS project, missing button or weird geospatial dataset with obscure coordinates to our workshop and we’ll see what we can do. Our support covers FOSS4G programs (QGIS, PostGIS, GeoServer, Mapproxy etc.), open datasets and GDAL library.

For who?

We help our support customers with small open source GIS problems. Our training courses always include 2-4 months of support to get you rolling with the tools. To get your own support, contact and ask for personal, 5 member team or organisation support service.

Ask away!

If you are already our support client, send your question to Our support answers within 8h (office hours 9-17, Eastern Europen Time) and the evaluated processing time is 0,5-2 hours.

Service fees

Tickets annually51550
Response time (office days)16 h8 h8 h
Own dedicated GIS Artisan at your serviceNoNoAvailable as additional service
Support is availlable forWhole organisationWhole organisationWhole organisation
Online-support clinics2Available as additional serviceAvailable as additional serviceAvailable as additional service
Price (annual)490 €1290 €4200 €

The prices do not include VAT. We reserve the right to make changes.

1 Online-support questions can be send to

2 Online-support clinic is a 2-3 hour workshop with own dedicated GIS Artisan. Available for a maximum group of 6. Price: 220€ (+VAT)/hour. If you are not our support customer, price is 300€ ( +VAT)/hour.