We offer GispoHelp support service where you can get help with QGIS, PostGIS or GeoServer. We know our customers and the challenges they face in the field of GIS. So don't panic and fall into despair - reach out to GispoHelp and we will help you!

GispoHelp support service comes in three forms: personal support (1 person), workgroup (5 people) support and an organization support. We can also make an offer for a tailored support package just for your needs! The support period is 12 months at a time. When the support is nearing its closure, you can lay it off (length of notice two months) or it will automatically start another purchase period of 12 months. We will send you an automatic email when your support is nearing its closure.

You can contact our support via email at (we will reply in english). The estimated processing time of one question is from 0,5 hour to 2 hours and our responsive time is 8 hours (working days from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.). If you have a bigger issue or a larger scale need for researching/reporting, we will make you a separate offer.