Software development

We are constantly developing new FOSS4G tools (Free and Open Source for Geospatial). Our GIS alchemists create unique, high quality products without the fear of vendor lock-in. We can both improve the existing open source tools or create something brand new to get the best possible solution for our clients!


Our GIS alchemists are really keen on developing QGIS. QGIS is a desktop tool for every spatial data enthusiast with the capability to manage, visualize and analyze all sorts of geospatial datasets.

At our workshop we are proud to polish the QGIS core but also very willing to weld some new QGIS plugins, configure projects and conjure attribute forms or create some magical algorithms to enhance the power of using GIS.


PostgreSQL (and its spatial extension PostGIS) is the state of the art database software for managing spatial datasets in sustainable way. PostGIS handles logging, user and version management and a vast library of spatial functions.

Our GIS alchemists provide e.g. PosgreSQL and PostGIS installations, database modelling, conversions and migrations.


If you need to publish geospatial datasets as open interfaces, it requires a powerful tool in the background. We are used to working with GeoServer but also MapServer and QGIS Server are well oiled and ready to be used in our toolbox.

Our GIS alchemists are busy every day bottling interfaces with installations, configurations and load balancing. We also have the potions to create e.g. interfaces compatible with OGC standards (WMS, WFS, WMTS, WCS and INSPIRE).

Map services

The real in-depth understanding about our extraordinary world comes with a map. This is why we are constantly creating browser and mobile (and human) friendly map solutions. We can conjure a map from scratch or use ingredients already available like Kepler, Mapstore, Geonode, Lizmap or Oskari.

software development

Santtu Pyykkönen

Sales manager

Contact Santtu if you want to know more about software development, geospatial interfaces, database installations or want your own map service set up. Santtu will gather the best ingredients for you needs.

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