Published on 26.9.2023

28 free consultations!

Gispo is a partner in Location innovation Hub (LIH) that is coordinated by the Finnish Geospatial Research Institute. LIH is “a centre of excellence in location information” and offers a wide spectrum of different services to help companies (and public sector) grow their business with location information. The goal is to increase the use of location information in different sectors of society. 

Within the framework of LIH, we can offer spatial information-related consultation, analysis work or visualization work to companies or public actors free of charge. The services offered within LIH would normally cost around 1000-1500€. We can teach you what spatial information is and how to use it, help you with a specific issue in your GIS processes or just come up with a beautiful interactive map for your organisation’s website. Or if your organization hasn’t yet unlocked your geospatial potential, we can organize a remote workshop for you! If any one of these options sounds interesting to you, contact us with this form and get free consultation from us!

Note, that to be eligible for using LIH services, the degree of digitalization of your company needs to be reviewed. This is done in a Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA) together with the LIH office. The LIH office will arrange a suitable time with you. In some cases the evaluation can go very quickly, but we suggest you allow at least a few hours for the assessment. DMA is used to evaluate the coverage and effectiveness of LIH services at the EU level. DMA has to be done two more times at a later phase, but then the data is only updated in subsequent rounds, so the process will be faster.

In addition, we will also inform Business Finland about the recipient of the LIH service, and for that we will be needing some information about your organization. We will request for that info from you after you have contacted us.