Published on 19.12.2022

Mergin Maps support and courses!

We at Gispo are happy to announce that we have become Mergin Map partners and will offer courses and support for Mergin Maps in 2023! We have started a partnership with Lutra Consulting who have developed Mergin Maps. We have previously written about Mergin Maps in Finnish for our blog, but for those who missed it the first time around, here’s a quick summary.

Mergin what?

Mergin Maps is an open source platform for data collection. Basically the application allows you to collect spatial data from the field and import it to your existing QGIS projects using your mobile device. The application is based on QGIS and works seamlessly with the desktop version of QGIS. Mergin Maps works well on both Android and iOS platforms and can be easily integrated with existing Spatial Data Infrastructure. So, if you have QGIS projects that you would like to edit or add data to, you can import the projects to your mobile device and work on them with Mergin Maps! 

Screenshot of data collection using Mergin Maps.
Collecting data with Mergin Maps (user interface in Finnish)

The application is not limited to only collecting locations using the GPS of the mobile device. Mergin Maps also supports several users of the same organization to work on the same project at the same time. The user rights can be viewed in your web browser and the site keeps track of the change history. And since we are working with mobile devices, the application also has support for taking photos of the new features added on the map! You can also connect your mobile device to a separate high accuracy GPS unit to collect very precise data using Mergin Maps.

The application uses the same file formats as the desktop QGIS and all the background maps, symbols and labels will look the same on both platforms. You can even use OGC API Features if you want. And, last but not least, if there are features you would like to have in future releases of Mergin Maps, you can contact us!

Screenshot of a change log of Mergin Maps.
A change log of a Mergin Maps project.

We got you covered

So, if you want to dive into the world of collecting spatial data from the field with Mergin Maps and don’t know where to start, we’re here to help! Gispo offers training courses where you’ll learn all the basics you need to use Mergin Maps – whether you’re working on your own, with a team or a bigger organization. We’ll cover all the phases from QGIS project preparation to field data collection. The course covers form design, background maps and getting to know the application with a very hands-on type of training. Additionally, those who participate in our Mergin Maps online course will get a 2-months subscription to GispoHelp support service. Our support team at GispoHelp will answer all of your “where was that button?” and “why does this dataset look like this?” questions.

We also offer consultancy and support. If your organization needs help with designing a survey project or you want us to help you to handle a whole new data collection project with Mergin Maps, contact our team and ask for an offer!

Finally, if you have any questions, ideas, want to sign up for our course or just want to reach out to us to talk about data collection with mobile devices, send us an email to!

Mergin Maps

Juho Rekilä

Juho is a MA in folkloristics whose interests are in GIS, data analysis and communications. After graduating he has studied data analysis (esp. Python & visualizing data) and done graphic and sound design projects.