The go-to-conference for open source geospatial community (FOSS4G 2019 Bucharest)

The annual FOSS4G held this year at Bucharest, Romania, is the go-to-conference for the latest in open source geospatial software. This is the conference where the open source geospatial tech experts meet the users and stakeholders from a wide variety

Mapping agencies and open source geospatial software – why not?

So, mapping agencies are going full-steam on PostGIS, the geospatial database choice of modern times. Recently, we at Gispo studied briefly the utilization of PostGIS within national mapping agencies. As one of the concluding remarks, we could say that the

Open source is not scary

To many “open source” seems quite alien and abstract – what “open source” really even means? First let’s take a look at the term “source”. Every single software consists of code which contains the appearance and the different functionalities of

Learn spatial SQL and master GeoPackage with QGIS 3

For some reason, tutorials related to spatial SQL seem to focus on finding and analyzing the locations of bars. This tutorial goes in the line and helps the learners in analyzing those datasets on bars in their preferred locations with

Automating GIS processes with graphical modeler in QGIS

It’s all about saving time, right? QGIS’s graphical modeler can definitely help you out here if you’re a GIS expert wanting to speed up those routinary, personal or collective GIS processes. Without any programming knowledge required, graphical modeler really can

Land administration sector in search for applicable modern technological solutions

The National Land Survey of Finland (NLS), Aalto University, Finnish Location Information Cluster and the World Bank organized a two-day event titled as Smart Land Administration at Helsinki on 3th and 4th of December 2018. Finland is nowadays a major hub for

Latin America Geospatial Forum 2018 – the gap of knowledge is growing in the geospatial world

Although there seems to be more opportunities for the usage of geospatial information than ever before, the gap of knowledge is widening in the geospatial world. There’s quite a difference between managing geospatial data in a middle-income Latin American state/municipality,

The bittersweet truth: it’s impossible to keep up with the pace of FOSS4G-technology

If anything, we brought from Tanzania, from the FOSS4G 2018 (Free and Open Source Geospatial Software -conference) a clear view of the wide scope and depth of the FOSS4G-technology solving some major issues in the world from the geospatial standing

Gispo Finland flies to FOSS4G Dar es Salaam 2018

Gispo Ltd. will head down to FOSS4G 2018, which stands for Free and Open Source Software and will be held this in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. We look forward getting to know the community members and conference visitors. At least

City of Leon on it’s way to master QGIS

Blog: Part 1/2 30 city officers from the municipality of León (México) carried through a QGIS-training to level-up their geospatial knowledge across sectors, within the different municipality departments. As any city, León needs to resolve geospatial challenges that it’s almost

Donate to Oskari Myplaceimport development

We are searching resources to fund the development of Myplaceimport tool in Oskari (open source software for creating geoportals). Myplaceimport tool allows the users to import own geospatial datasets to Oskari based services on e.g. .mif and .shp format. At

How many cartographers does it need to walk a dog?

This is Fedja. Fedja is a 3-year old, happy, friendly, and fluffy Samoyed, who loves long walks and (because of the not-so-distant history of Samoyeds as sledge dogs) needs a lot of exercise. Fedja is lucky enough to live near

Locating the Glide Paths of Flying Squirrels

In 2015, Gispo produced an analysis of potential flying squirrel glide paths for the City of Espoo. The analysis was based on laser scanned data and the results were visualised as maps, which may be used to support city planning

Advancing zoning digitalization in Helsinki

The city of Helsinki received KIRA-digi funding for the advancement of digitalization in zoning. The “Asemakaavat yhteisenä tietovarantona” (City plans as a common resource) project aims to improve data management in city planning through the use of open interfaces. Helsinki

Boost your professional profile with GispoLearning-certificates

Spin up your LinkedIn-profile with GispoLearning-certificates At GispoLearning we want our customers to be able to evidence their learning achievements with digital Statements of Accomplishments (certificates) and to share them in the social media as well as have the traditional

It’s all about the basics: greetings from Land & Poverty 2018

This year, we got to participate in the Land and Poverty 2018 conference organized by World Bank in Washington DC 19.-24.03.2018. The conference gathers Land Administration experts from all around the world to tackle the latest research and practice on

Blog: Welcoming words

Get up-to-date info on GispoLearning – the E-Learning platform for Geospatial Education We at the GispoLearning team want to engage our customers as many ways as it’s possible. GispoLearning, the cloud-based platform of Geospatial Education for the use of open

Youth Citizen Engagement: Fixing School Routes

Mapillary has kindly provided a use case study about our training last spring in Pansio, Turku. As part of the Good Everyday Environment project, the students of Pansio Primary School used Mapillary to capture their school routes so that the