Introduction to geographic data and QGIS

1099 € (+ VAT)
4 x 3 h (remote)
Basic course

The course introduces the basics of spatial information and the basic functionalities of the QGIS geographic information software. In the course you learn the key processes related to the use of QGIS, such as: importing spatial data into the software locally and from an interface services, editing and analyzing the data, visualizing vector and raster data, and finally exporting the spatial data into the map output and map atlas. The course covers various features which are needed for importing, processing and exporting of spatial data. At the end of the course we try out the most popular QGIS plugins such as 3D model production.

The course is especially suitable for those who do not have a geographic information background or previous experience with geographic information software (GIS). However, the course is also suitable for those who want to refresh their memory on the basics of spatial information and learn how to use the QGIS spatial information software.

Course programme

  • Introduction to spatial data and QGIS
  • Spatial dataset types
  • Coordinate systems
  • Editing of geospatial data
  • Spatial data analyses
  • Visualization of vector and raster data
  • Nomenclature of spatial data
  • Classification of spatial data
  • Map printout and map atlas
  • QGIS plugins