Tailored training

Special wishes? Don't worry, we're here to help!

We offer training that is tailored for the needs of our customers. Tailored training is an optimal choice if you want to train a big chunk of your staff or the whole staff. Tailored training is also a good choice when you want to focus on a specific topic or on your own GIS data.

If you want a course from our regularly rolling course selection (check the elementary and special courses), we can arrange a tailored training even in a short notice. We can also mix our "ready-to-go" courses into an optimal tailored training.

Training space can be anything from a meeting room to a classroom. Most of our tailored courses are held in customers' facilities.

It is usually necessary that every student have their own computers, enough sockets and a working network. Students must be able to install the needed programs into their computers.

The price of the tailored training or workshop will be determined by the work needed in tailoring, the amount of students and the possible traveling fees.

We organize training for 5-10 person groups with ready or tailored training materials. If the training group has more than 10 people, we need another teacher for the tailored training to ensure balanced training. The main teacher is of course from Gispo, but the second teacher can be either from Gispo or from other organization.

We have previously organized training for various governmental units.

In workshops we usually aim to focus on a certain GIS theme or topic that the customer wants. The theme or topic can be for example to test how the open source GIS software works with the customer's own data. Workshops are usually a one day thing with a ranging duration of 3 to 6 hours. Together with our customer, we will organize a workshop that will fulfill the needs of our customer!

We have previously organized following workshops:

  • Mapillary-streetview
  • OpenStreetMap-mapathons
  • QGIS-workshops
  • Data modelling
  • Demand mapping