QGIS training in Tampere

For a long time, the City of Tampere has paved the way towards using open source geospatial software in Finland. This development has been supported by the city’s geospatial data strategy and active contributions in various open source projects. Recently, Tampere has contracted Gispo to train its personnel in the use of QGIS.

The idea is to utilize QGIS in geospatial data management, visualization, and analysis more efficiently than before. The city’s geospatial datasets are primarily stored in a PostGIS database. Users can access these data using the QGIS Database Manager plugin, which can be used without any prior database knowledge.

Gispo organised two separate, tailor-made QGIS training sessions for employees of Tampere in May-June 2016. The trainees learned to utilize the PostGIS database and produce valid geospatial data. Following proper practices in geospatial data and field naming as well as attribute data input is necessary when exporting data to other software.

Now Tampere’s employees can produce data visualisations directly to Tampere’s online map service and create complex visual styles based on zoning datasets. The data are saved to a PostGIS database, and the visualisations are imported to GeoServer, a great example of the efficient use and interoperability of open source geospatial software. The city’s general plan can also be commented online. See the beautiful end result here!