QGIS courses and training

Gispo has provided QGIS training for a wide variety of Finnish organisations, both governmental and private-sector. Among those have been organisations like City of Helsinki, City of Tampere, Finnish Environment Institute, and Geological Survey of Finland - to name a few. Depending on the customer's needs, the training has ranged from teaching the very basics of geospatial data to advanced topics such as automating geospatial processes with the processing modeler tool and developing plug-ins.

In addition to general QGIS training held multiple times a year, we offer more tailored courses and specified workshops based on the needs of our customers. After participating in the training, students gain access to our support site, where they can ask questions and seek help. According to our support site reports, in the past thee years we have offered QGIS, PostGIS or GeoServer support for 625 people from 79 different organisations. 409 of these have attended our live QGIS courses.

In August 2017, Gispo launched the GispoLearning online learning platform. As of May 2018, almost 200 people have enrolled for an online course. Initially, courses were only available in Finnish, but recently courses have also been offered in English and Spanish with more courses being continuously developed. GispoLearning offers a great option for those who are unable to attend a live training due to a busy schedule and want to learn at their own pace at their workplace or home.