Youth Citizen Engagement: Fixing School Routes

Mapillary has kindly provided a use case study about our training last spring in Pansio, Turku.

As part of the Good Everyday Environment project, the students of Pansio Primary School used Mapillary to capture their school routes so that the city could review them and identify potential issues and safety hazards along the way.

“Getting started required some
briefing in using Mapillary and the
action cameras, and affordable
high-quality training will be needed
in the future. Mapillary is a good tool
when working with children and
youths. The city of Turku will
potentially utilize Mapillary in the
future with winter cycling services.”

Risto Anttonen, Office Engineer at the City of Turku

Read the whole story here.

Anniina Kovalainen is MSc in geography, who is interested especially in GIS, legal geography, future studies and sustainable development. Anniina is also interested in graphic design and UI/UX.