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We are searching resources to fund the development of Myplaceimport tool in Oskari (open source software for creating geoportals). Myplaceimport tool allows the users to import own geospatial datasets to Oskari based services on e.g. .mif and .shp format. At the moment users can not modify the information that is seen in the pop-up infobox when querying the features from users' own dataset.

We aim to improve the existing Myplaceimport tool in Oskari and enable the modifying of the pop-up information of users' own datasets.

In the end for example a tourism service provider could add her/his own geospatial dataset to a Oskari based service (e.g. and provide interesting information about tourism sights with image links and organize the dataset fields in suitable way. This tool helps especially communities and NGOs in their daily work and offers possibilities to use Oskari more broadly.


5 days job, summer 2018.


Gispo Ltd and Sitowise Ltd




85 % of the required funding is directed to planning and development
10 % of the required funding is assigned to core development
5 % of the funding is directed to maintaining the new developed code

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Tool description:

Oskari has a tool for importing your own datasets (Myplaceimport) and separate tool for adding individual points, lines, areas (MyPlaces). These two tools differ a little bit in their functionalities at the moment.

This is how the pop-up info looks like in these two different tools at the moment (screen captures from In the left pop-up info from Myplaceimport and on the right from Myplaces:

Popupinfo from user imported layers (Myplaceimport)
Popup info from individually added points (Myplaces)

Pop-up info for user imported layers is not automated and can not be customized at the moment. Currently all the information from the datasets are also shown.

When adding own datasets through Myplaceimport we want the users to be able to customise the pop-up info at least a little bit. If some of the attributes have images as links these could be shown in the pop-up info like they are shown with the Myplace tool pop-up.

This can be done by automated detection of URLs ending with image format (like .jpg and.png). Users should be able to choose if the image link is shown as image or not.

In this tool development the Myplaceimport datasets can be edited also in the attribute field level.

Users can:

  • delete unnecessary fields
  • choose if the image is shown as image in the pop-up info tool
  • create alias-names for the field names
  • change the order of the fields by dragging them

The tool will become a core Oskari tool when developed and documented according to Oskari development procedures.

More information in Github.