Blog: Welcoming words

Get up-to-date info on GispoLearning – the E-Learning platform for Geospatial Education

We at the GispoLearning team want to engage our customers as many ways as it’s possible. GispoLearning, the cloud-based platform of Geospatial Education for the use of open source software, will be presented here, through this Blog at Medium, to let you know the many stories we want to tell you in order to teach you more about the Geospatial realm and open source geospatial software.

To be informed regularly on the new GispoLearning Blog posts, just get a (free) account at GispoLearning. Afterward, you can always shut down the blog notifications if you don’t want to receive any notifications on the blog posts.

We hope you’ll be delighted to be part of this story and read our blog-posts with eagerness.

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Santtu Pyykkönen

Santtu Pyykkönen is MSA who is interested in GIS (and all it's glory), open source software and open communities and urban development. Freetime activities constist of running and reading.