Boost your professional profile with GispoLearning-certificates

Spin up your LinkedIn-profile with GispoLearning-certificates

At GispoLearning we want our customers to be able to evidence their learning achievements with digital Statements of Accomplishments (certificates) and to share them in the social media as well as have the traditional pdf-prints of the certificates (if necessary).

After finishing the course in question with fully achieving the 100 % progress, GispoLearning team will approach you with the certificate via e-mail.

Now you’ll have the possibility to share the certificate in your social media accounts, like in LinkedIn. This is how you can add concrete value to your profile and boost your career development.

Once you’ll have your certificate, it’s easy to integrate your certificate to your LinkedIn-profile, just following these instructions:

  1. Open up the link provided in the e-mail, or find it in the course player at GispoLearning via the “Achievements & Progress”-section, and head to the Accredible-platform where you can find your certificate and details related to it.
  2. Open up your LinkedIn directly from the Get started… -link (or by entering to your LinkedIn and heading down to the “Accomplishments”-section).
  3. Open LinkedIn and copy+paste the corresponding information from Accredible to your LinkedIn profile.
  4. That’s it! You’re done.

In the following slider you see the previously described steps in screenshots.

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Now you can share your accomplishment with your fellow LinkedIn-users and boost your career path with this digital certificate.

Here, the digital certificate service provider Accredible describe the whole Certificate-to-LinkedIn process at more detailed level.



Santtu Pyykkönen

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