Gispo Finland flies to FOSS4G Dar es Salaam 2018

Gispo Ltd. will head down to FOSS4G 2018, which stands for Free and Open Source Software and will be held this in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. We look forward getting to know the community members and conference visitors. At least we’ll be part of probable more than 1000 conference quests learning and influencing around the FOSS4G-ethos.

As an organisation dedicated to deliver services on customers to make full use FOSS4G-technology, we’re eager to know what new ways this powerful community have come up with to this year. Besides of the overall state-of-the-art in the knowledge side, we’re interested in exploring how this community is receiving it’s formal training in the field of GIS as this is something we think passionately about: how is the tech know-how managed and enhanced?

We’ll present a presentation within the framework of the conference program. We’ll be talking about the wonderful world of providing geospatial knowledge and technological know-how declining to our experiences of corporate level GIS training for different fields.

Afterward we will share our learning from the community and the conference talks. If you’re going to Dar es Salaam, and you’re interested in our doing, let’s meet up to converse. Anyways, I guess that’s the way, by making connections, we’ll get to see this community thrive and deliver it’s message on.

As an ending note, we want to emphasize that we are gratified to participate to this volunteer-fuled conference. 👏👏

Santtu Pyykkönen

Santtu Pyykkönen is MSA who is interested in GIS (and all it's glory), open source software and open communities and urban development. Freetime activities constist of running and reading.