Open software

We help our customers deploy open source software. The usage of open source software (or in short open software) is constantly growing and becoming a global trend which is associated to a wider ideology of openness. The benefits of sharing are great when you don't have to develop the tools from scratch. The recent software development has been directed to improving the usage and utilization of open software.

Mapping agencies and open source geospatial software – why not?
So, mapping agencies are going full-steam on PostGIS, the geospatial database choice of modern times. Recently, we at Gispo studied
Open source is not scary
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City of Leon on it’s way to master QGIS
Blog: Part 1/2 30 city officers from the municipality of León (México) carried through a QGIS-training to level-up their geospatial
Donate to Oskari Myplaceimport development
We are searching resources to fund the development of Myplaceimport tool in Oskari (open source software for creating geoportals). Myplaceimport
How many cartographers does it need to walk a dog?
This is Fedja. Fedja is a 3-year old, happy, friendly, and fluffy Samoyed, who loves long walks and (because of