Spatial IT

For scalable and modular spatial it based on open source software

Fulfilling complex Spatial IT requirements by deploying cutting edge open source geospatial software can be challenging. Gispo's consulting services offer expertise and commitment for building self-sustaining stacks of spatial data infrastructure and other server-side deployments for sharing, manipulating and analyzing geospatial datasets. IT is not just technology - it's about humans. Gispo bets for stakeholder engagement and strong communication with the client organizations when delivering IT consulting for geospatial solutions.

The open source geospatial software ecosystem spans from one package to another, literally standing on the shoulders of giants, together in-sync towards better overall results. These open standards native software packages guarantee vendor-lock free solutions. With open source, our customers are geared for success. And not only are we helping our customers to reach their goals, but in doing so, we feel that through our geospatial expertise we're contributing to a better world.

Take the first step, and contact our Spatial IT Lead Pekka Sarkola and the team, and we'll start identifying challenges and viable approaches to solving them!

Pekka Sarkola