Data insights

Extracting geospatial value out of data problems

Gispo connects data expertise with powerful tools to help businesses unlock the value in the geospatial information surrounding their business needs. We come in with our geospatial standing point with answers to the customers' most difficult questions. Accessing data, building datasets and manipulating data - all comes down to building conceptually coherent and insightful stories around the data. Our experience in building geospatial insights through attractive and informative data visualizations is widely known among our customers.

Don't worry about scripting, working with databases, extracting data from APIs, creating datasets from scratch - we do all of that, and much more. And not only we're helping our customers to reach their goals, but in doing so, we feel that utilizing our geospatial expertise we're contributing to a better world. Take the first step, and contact our Data insights Lead Topi Tjukanov and the team, and we'll start identifying business challenges and viable approaches to solving them.

Topi Tjukanov