Published on 20.10.2023

Navigating the Future of Geospatial: Join Gispo Ltd. at FOSS4G-NA Baltimore 2023

Hello GIS and geospatial data enthusiasts and professionals! If you’re passionate about this field, the upcoming FOSS4G-NA Baltimore 2023 conference is an event you won’t want to miss. FOSS4G events are important meet-ups where industry experts get together to share ideas, talk about new tools, and discuss what’s next. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to GIS and geospatial sciences, FOSS4G offers unique opportunities to enhance your skills and network with like-minded individuals. With the conference just around the corner, get ready for a diverse range of workshops, talks, and networking opportunities, ensuring something for everyone.

The Evolving Thematics of FOSS4G: Baltimore vs. Kosovo

The thematic focus of FOSS4G events can differ based on different reasons, the presence of core developers and their affiliated companies in specific regions is one of them. For example, the global event in Kosovo earlier this year had a greater emphasis on QGIS and the mobile GIS applications based on QGIS, namely QField and Mergin Maps, likely due to a higher concentration of European developers and companies specializing in this area. Looking ahead to the upcoming FOSS4G-NA Baltimore 2023, it appears that the focus is shifting towards topics like PostGIS and cloud-native workflows even before the conference kicks off.  At Gispo Ltd., we closely follow these areas of focus to offer our clients the most relevant and cutting-edge solutions.

Visualizing billions of data points with R, leveraging the columnar storage file format Geoparquet and the in-memory data structure specification Apache Arrow—both central to cloud-native geospatial workflows. Data: TLC Trip Record Data

Empowering the Community: Delivering Value Through Workshops and Talks

The FOSS4G-NA Baltimore 2023 conference is a focal point for knowledge sharing and community building in the field of GIS and geospatial sciences. To contribute to this collective experience, we’re leading a three-hour workshop on Monday from 1 to 4 pm, titled “Building an Enterprise GIS Workflow with QGIS and PostGIS.” The workshop is designed to provide attendees with valuable skills for managing geospatial data efficiently.


Additionally, we’re eager to be presenting a General Track talk on Tuesday from 11:30 am to 12:00 pm. The talk, “Lessons from Successful Enterprise GIS Implementations with QGIS and PostGIS,” aims to offer insights and practical advice for effective GIS data management, enriched by real-world examples.


Conclusion: Meet Us at Hilton Baltimore Inner Harbor

From the evolving thematics that distinguish FOSS4G events to the rise of new technologies and methods, it’s clear that we are in the midst of an exciting period of innovation and growth in the geospatial domain.  

At Gispo Ltd. we commit to being at the forefront of this evolution.  We enhance our clients’ processes by helping them via consulting, training, and support services that span the wide array of open source geospatial tools. Santtu will be joining from our side and we encourage you to join him for these sessions and to engage in meaningful conversations that could shape the future of your GIS projects. Whether you’re an industry veteran, an emerging professional, or simply curious about the possibilities that open-source geospatial technologies can offer, let’s connect. We’re open to collaborations, learning exchanges, and simply building community.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about what Gispo Ltd. can offer, feel free to reach out to us. You can connect directly with Santtu at 

See you in Baltimore!


Santtu Pyykkönen

Santtu Pyykkönen is MSA who is interested in GIS (and all its glory), open source software and open communities and urban development. Freetime activities consist of running and reading.