Published on 25.6.2018

City of Leon on it’s way to master QGIS

Blog: Part 1/2

30 city officers from the municipality of León (México) carried through a QGIS-training to level-up their geospatial knowledge across sectors, within the different municipality departments. As any city, León needs to resolve geospatial challenges that it’s almost 1 and half million residents demand. For these municipal officers, QGIS is a powerful tool that’s capable of breaking down those geospatial issues that the officers work on.

León is the fourth most populous city in Mexico.

These officers are studying online on our GispoLearning E-Learning platform, to become QGIS experts and to build their understanding of the underlying basic concepts from Geography and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). They have learned to, for example, digitize city areas from aerial imagery or make some intersection spatial analysis between two geospatial datasets.

Learning together is a great tool for creating bridges between different municipal departments and the actual officers: GIS Coordinador at municipal urban planning office IMPLAN León, Wendoli Jiménez Garza, comments that the present administration has worked hard to create synergies between different departments (in regards to the GIS work-flows). She adds that the ongoing QGIS-course has strengthened the commitment to shared objectives thanks to learning together and sharing knowledge. The students represent widely the municipal government by means of the following departments:

  • Urban Municipal Planning Office
  • Office of Information Technologies
  • Office of Urban Development
  • Water supply and sewerage systems
  • Cadaster
  • Office of Rural Development
  • Office of Public Works (Construction)
  • Municipal Institute for Housing

As said, during the course, students are able to share insights by addressing questions (among the group) to the instructors in the course platform.

Students deliver also more than requested. Learning QGIS is something that the students seem to enjoy. For example, map making with the always-so-great Map Composer -tool of QGIS has proven to inspire learners to carry the learning beyond the minimum goals.

Thematic map elaborated by one of the students Juan Eduardo Morales Godinez.


Santtu Pyykkönen

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