Gispo (GispoLearning) at Land and Poverty 2018

GispoLearning as part of Gispo Ltd.’s offering will be attending the World Bank’s Land and Poverty 2018 -conference with a whole lot to give for the building of expertise in geospatial education and the use of open source software among the participating organizations. This year the conference theme is “Land Governance in an Interconnected World” where GispoLearning surely fits neatly: we want to deliver geospatial education, that is accessible from everywhere in the world and we want the learning results to serve the land governance goals, as well as cause productivity wins in the sector as a whole.

GispoLearning and its Geospatial E-Learning services will be presented during two sessions:

  • Poster presentation on “Online Learning and Open Source Geospatial Software to Innovate the Use of Spatial Data in the Land Administration Sector” on Wednesday 21th at Poster Board 02-09, Location: MC Atrium.
  • MasterClass (90 min) on “ The Open Source Geospatial Land Administration Toolkit” on Friday 23th, 11-12.30 pm at MC 2-850.

Otherwise, GispoLearning and Santtu ( can be spotted during the conference at different sessions and meetings.

Santtu Pyykkönen

Santtu Pyykkönen on aluetieteen HM, jota kiinnostaa erityisesti paikkatieto kaikkine ulottuvuuksineen, avoimen lähdekoodin ohjelmistot ja yhteisöt sekä kaupunkikehitys. Harrastuksina mm. juokseminen ja lukeminen.