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URL links and image links to Oskari in Myplaceimport tool

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Tool discription:

Myplaceimport pop-up info is not automated and can not be customised at the moment.

When adding own datasets through Myplaceimport we want the users to be able to customise the pop-up info. If some of the attributes has image links or plain URLs these could be added as link. This can be either done by automated detection of URL and links ending with image format (.jpg, .png) or user can choose which attributes are links / images. Users could also choose the attributes they want to be shown in pop-up infobox.

In this tool development the Myplaceimport pop-up infotool is changed into customable form where image and website links can be changed from plain text to links.

The tool is considered to be good addition to current Myplaceimport tool and can be used by e.g. associations that have the need for adding their own datasets to Oskari instances like Paikkatietoikkuna. The tool will become a core Oskari tool when developed and documented according to Oskari development procedures.

In the end normal users of Oskari instances that have possibility to add own datasets can affect the output information of their own data.

More information in Github:


4 days job, summer 2018.


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