Advanced level geospatial training

Learn from the experts

Meet the leading experts in geospatial software development. In special occasions we are happy to host advanced level courses on FOSS4G software. If you are interested or have any requests, please give us a call!

Next available courses

Advanced GeoServer 3 day course

Leverage your handling and dissemination of geospatial data on GeoServer . This 3 day course is meant for Geoserver users, application developers and geographic data services administrators. Participants should have basic skills in the Geoserver software and in management of geographic data. In this 3 day course we will cover these topics:

  • Installing and running GeoServer
  • GeoServer Security
  • Advanced Raster Data Management
  • Styling with SLD
  • Web Processing Service (WPS) and Rendering Transformations
  • Styling with CSS
  • Advanced GeoServer Configuration

Processing and plugin development with PyQGIS

This 3 day course is about learning GIS processing using Python (PyQGIS) and the development of basic Python plugins for QGIS. Course topics are:

  • Python introduction
  • PyQt introduction
  • Python in QGIS
  • QGIS vector, geometry and raster APIs
  • Processing
  • Practical work


Sanna Jokela

Hei! Olen koulutukseltani maantieteilijä, vuodesta 2006 lähtien työskennellyt paikkatietoalalla monipuolisissa projekteissa. Gispolla toimin kouluttajana, konsulttina ja Oskari-viestintäkoordinaattorina.